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B.A. LORIANA (GG Samir* x WN Spanish Eyes)We are sad to announce the passing of our wonderful mare and companion B.A. LORIANA (*GG Samir x WN Spanish Eyes).

On January 22, 2001 Loriana lost the battle she so bravely fought since March of 2000. The effects of Cushings Disease and the resulting founder and bouts with colic necessitated the need for her to be humanely euthanized. 

Loriana was the epitome of the Arabian horse. Her physical appearance embraced all of the characteristics the Arabian is known for. A combination of beauty, grace and athletic ability left no doubt to her heritage.

More important than the physical beauty and presence she possessed was her wonderful temperament. Loriana exuded kindness and love to everyone she came in contact with. Her zest for life and love of man was demonstrated on a daily basis. She would be the first horse to greet us with her soft morning nicker or the first to leave the herd to come and visit you for her favorite pats and scratches.

Loriana was a wonderful mother to her foals. She knew just how to balance the required nurturing that was necessary while dispensing the discipline needed to assure her foals would be good citizens. Her maternal instinct also carried over to her interaction with humans. Like many horses she was able to gage the ability and experience of anyone who would climb upon her back in a few seconds. Never at anytime did she use this innate ability to intimidate a new or inexperienced rider but used it as a meter to judge what was necessary to assure a safe ride and enjoyment for her rider. This made Loriana an excellent choice for many first time riders and children.

Children were a special favorite of Loriana and in her last few years formed a tight bond with her very special friend Lauren Wedgwood. I remain convinced that the love these two had for each other contributed to Loriana's will to live and fight through the worst of times.

There were days when Loriana just seemed to be reaching the point when she looked sad and uncomfortable and it appeared that the time may be near to have her put down. Somehow those would be the days that Lauren would visit and just the sight of her would return the sparkle to Loriana's eye and the spring to her step. Lauren was supplying the type of healing that far surpassed what medical science had available. 

Lauren supplied unconditional love that brightened Loriana's day and gave her the will to exist. All of us adults would be wise to observe the interactions of children and animals. I am convinced that if adults interacted in the same way, both with animals and each other, our world would be a much better place.

Lauren and LorianaPictured at right is a photo of Lauren and Loriana in the first leadline class they entered as a team. Over the next two years they progressed at a rapid pace and it was not uncommon to see the two of them walking, trotting and cantering around the spacious arena that is available at the farm.

We would like to thank our many friends that helped us with the daily care of Loriana and the emotional support they has been extended by so many. We surely would have been lost without you. We also would like to extend a special thanks to Celeste Boatwright, D.V.M. of Genesee Valley Equine Clinic, Scottsville, NY. Her knowledge and compassion was like a beacon to us during these stressful times and she provided us with the peace of mind to know that Loriana was being provided with the very best equine medical expertise available anywhere. 

Loriana we miss you terribly and we are ever so mindful of the blessing we received when you came into our lives. We feel honored to have been your caretakers and share a part of our lives with you. Your will always be a part of us as you live on in our daily thoughts and through your son Grand Finale and daughter Kris.

Rest in peace dear friend and I just know when we get the chance to meet again we will be greeted by your warm nicker as you once again leave the herd to greet us.

Jerry & Pam





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