Ted Jenney Driving LuceyThe first Kateland miniature, a weanling (baby) filly named Kateland, was acquired from Mendon Equestrian Center in 1989. Since then the herd has grown to sixty plus with an annual production of 15 plus foals. While many breeders have limited their programs to breeding for smaller and smaller minis the Kateland program has been directed toward breeding for the maximum size (limited to 34 inches at the withers) and the training of the minis for driving.

The farm consists of three horse barns with one used for expectant broodmares, another for mares and fillies and the third for geldings. A show barn with an inside riding ring measured at 60 x 100 feet was added in 1996. This facility is used for competitions and training. Next to the show barn is a 40 x 80 meter dressage ring fenced for safety. The 30 acres are laced with trails and obstacles used for cross-country competitions by horses and ponies as well as minis.

Nicole Cable with Mendon's Bird of Paradise In the early days of the farm the horses were shown in many breed shows such as the state fair. The acceptance of the miniature horse as a special driving horse group by the American Driving Society in 1995 resulted in so many opportunities to compete that the farm has concentrated it's efforts on raising and competing driving horses. The largest and biggest pleasure driving competition in the world is held every year at Walnut Hill in Pittsford, New York, where the Kateland horses have enjoyed an excellent record.

Kateland Farms provides driving lessons and stocks a limited inventory of carts and harness for miniature horses as well as having driving miniature horses for sale. Haunted by the loss of a foal during an extended birthing, Joy and Ted were determined to learn how to handle birthing problems. Their experiences are presented in a video 'Delivering The Miniature Horse' which has been well received with phone calls from as far away as Alaska.

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