Regal Bay Farm
Tolland, CT 06084

By Marylou A. Yuskiewicz

At the AHCC Show May 25-27th in W. Springfield, Mass, I met one of the calmest and nicest Western Pleasure/Reining trainers I have ever known - Patrick Corrigan. Whether he was riding his champion Arabian horses or schooling his students on the rail - his easy-going demeanor never changed. Listed below are the answers to questions we all want to know - so without further ado, lets meet him:

1. When did your interest in horses begin? Is your family involved in the horse business?
About 45 years ago, my parents bought me a pony. My mom Elinor White, has raised English Pleasure horses for years, including a Reserve National Champion.

2. Tell us about your training facility called Regal Bay Farm?
I usually have (10-15) horses in for training at any given time such as Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and Reining. We have wonderful clients and we all  work as a team. Everyone helps out at the shows and are very supportive of each other.

3. Do you own horses now? If yes, what are their breeds and names? My wife (Heidi) and I presently own four horses. PB Arabian Gelding "Chisolm Bey", a 1/2 Arabian Mare; "WC No Questions Asked", a 1/2 Arabian Mare; "Audrey Rhiannon" and a Palomino Mare "Midnights Angel" - all are Western Pleasure horses.

4. Tell us about your Reining Career?
I bought Regal Bay, a young stallion with great reining ability; I fell in love with reining at that time. I also worked for a Quarter Horse Reining farm for 8 years and really enjoyed this wonderful discipline.

5. Do you have a breeding stallion? If yes, tell us about him and why he is successful.
One of our clients Carol LeBlanc, recently purchased Tamar Halistic from Tamar Arabians in Texas. He is a beautiful bay western pleasure stallion with a wonderful Disposition, great bloodlines and easy to work around.

6. What are some of your favorite horses you have trained?
My own stallion Regal Bay (passed away 7 years ago) had a 1/2 Arab daughter called  Tiffany. Three (3) Western Cross Arabians: WC Eureka, WC Dutch Treat, WC No  Questions Asked and Tattinger's Pride. I have been fortunate to work with many great horses. I would need more space to list all of them. My Top 10 US National win was in Western Pleasure Futurity

7. Are there certain bloodlines you enjoy working with for their athletic ability, intelligence and temperament?
My favorite bloodlines are Russian/Polish crosses and Half-Arabian Quarter Horses.

8. What is the most common mistake you see in a "reining" class?
The most common mistake I see is the riders rushing through their patterns not allowing them to show the quality of the maneuver.

9. What is the most amusing or funniest story that occurred while showing in a class?
While riding a reining pattern, my rein came off the bit. I had to ride the whole pattern with one rein, at the end of the pattern it called for a back up and my horse started to do a roll back - I had a score of 0 - but the cheering from the spectators made it a high score ride for me.

10. Let's go back in time to when you first started riding, who was the most significant person in your life and why?
My mother Elinor White - she encouraged me to ride and show, starting with 4-H and proceed where I am today.

11. If you were not a horse trainer, what would you be?
Cattle Rancher or Dairy Farmer

12. While traveling the country attending horseshows, what is your favorite place to show?
I always enjoyed showing at the US Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.

13. Who has been the most important trainer you have every met and why?
I have worked with many great horsemen such as: Lee Mancini, Eddie Ralston, and Cody Ralston to name a few. They have taught me to understand the horse, the horse world and Arabian industry. But the most important person in my life is my wife (Heidi) - she is my eyes in the show ring.

14. If God gave you one thing to change in the Arabian industry, what would that be?
That the exhibitors would treat their horses and each other in a way that would glorify God at all times.

Patrick Corrigan

There you have it, his thoughts/views on everything from the beginning of his life to where he is now. They are always accepting new riders/horses - If you are looking for that extra special, confident, talented Western Pleasure/Reining trainer, don't wait - call him today. I have seen him in action and I can tell you he would be my choice - make him yours. He can be reached by calling 860-847-1076 - stop over to his facility - coffee is always on!

Patrick has graciously offered to answer any questions you may have concerning Western Pleasure & Reining. Send him your questions at and get advice to assist you in/out of the show ring.






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