Wes Bowen

By Marylou A. Yuskiewicz

Wes Bowen & KHAMBRIDGEI had the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of the brightest and talented Arabian/NSH trainers on the East Coast. Mr. Bowen has all the qualities one looks for in a trainer/handler. Now without further ado…….lets meet Mr. Wes Bowen up close and personal:

ML: How do you like the new Sport Horse classes?

Wes: I feel that the Sport Horse classes will be a great asset to our industry. They give people another avenue to show and also show the great versatility of the Arabian breed.

ML: Do you have any ideas on how to rekindle the interest and popularity the Arabian horse once had?

Wes: We need to make it affordable for the Arabian horse owner to show. We also need to initiate A rated shows to give out greater prize money in order for them to be more fun and prestigious, making them worthwhile in themselves, not just as a stepping stone for qualifying.

ML: Over the years you have been a professional trainer do you feel that most clients have a realistic view of the ability of the horses they bring for training?

Wes: Most people understand the ability of their horses. There will always be a few people that feel their horse should go farther than its ability will allow. That is when the responsibility of the trainer is to be HONEST with their customers, whether the customer wants to hear it or not. 

ML: What are some of your favorite horses you have trained?

Wes: Over the years, some of my favorite horses I have trained were: Waywardnight (2 time Reserve Champion at National Show Horse Finals). Another one is a horse I am currently working with, Eurosong. He was Reserve National Champion yearling colt at National Show Horse Finals, and will debut at U.S. Nationals this year in the H.A. English Futurity.

ML: Are there certain bloodlines you enjoy working with for their athletic ability, intelligence and temperament?

Wes: In training Arabians, I am partial to the Polish bloodlines. I feel they are very athletic, which allows them to succeed in all disciplines and makes them more trainable.

ML: What is the best advice you can give to a JTH showmanship exhibitor?

Wes: Be "polished" and do not overshow yourself or your horse.

ML: What is the most common mistake you see in a "reining" class?

Wes: Not using the same centerline when doing circles.

ML: What is the most amusing or funniest story that occurred while showing in a class?

Wes: I had a client riding at National Show Horse Finals one year and when they called for the reverse, she cut across the ring and proceeded to continue in the same direction, as the rest of the class was trotting the other way!

ML: Let's go back in time to when you first started riding, who was the most significant person in your life and why?

Wes: Definitely my mother, Kathy Bowen. She taught me virtually everything I know today, from training to horsemanship.

ML: If you were not a horse trainer, what would you be?

Wes: An N.F.L. head coach.

ML: If God gave you one thing to change in the Arabian industry, what would that be and why?

Wes: More "consistent" judging.

ML: If you could own or ride any horse in history, who would that be?

Wes: I would have to say "Skywatch".

ML: While traveling the country attending horseshows, what is your favorite place to show?

Wes: Lexington, Virginia. It's a great facility, beautiful countryside, and only an hour and a half away.

ML: Who has been the most important trainer you have every met and why?

Wes: Gene LaCroix. He is unbelievably talented

ML: You used to live in Buffalo, New York area and your parents have a horse farm there called Wes-Kay. Do you still show horses from their farm?

Wes: Yes, I still have some clients from New York.

ML: What do you like least about the Arabian Industry?

Wes: The negative and narrow-minded people.

ML: Upon retirement, what do you visualize yourself doing?

Wes: I never fully plan on retiring from the horse business.

Thank you for allowing us to view your opinions. If you would like to speak to Wes on training your horse or just to say hi, please feel free to email him at or call 434-981-2634.






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