Pam & JerryThe concept of Equine Extra was born in August of 1999 and became a reality when we published our first edition on October 29, 1999.  

The beginning of Equine Extra was a collaboration of efforts by Pam, Marylou Yuskiewicz and myself.  Pam's efforts and mine were directed at the design and maintenance of the site, while Marylou concentrated on client contact and reporting.

Due to heavy time restraints from a new job, Marylou no longer has the necessary time available to participate in the Equine Extra site as she has in the past and tendered her resignation in May of 2001.

Pam and I have adjusted our schedules in order to devote the additional time necessary to assure that Equine Extra will flow smoothly and keep moving forward.

We remain committed to our goal of providing you with a variety of equine-related subject matter that we hope you will find both interesting and informative.

Inside Equine Extra you will find a variety of farms, trainers, breeders and exhibitors as well as informational pages on General Horse Care, Equine Related Products and Services, Clubs, Rescue Organizations and more.

Since our first edition was published on Oct 29, 1999, we have continued to grow both in visitors and content.  Presently, Equine Extra consists of approximately 145 pages and has a steady audience in the United States and 30 foreign countries.

We encourage you to email us with any suggestions you have for articles or subjects you would like to see addressed on Equine Extra or to ask any questions you may have.  Also feel free to just say hello.  We enjoy reading the frequent e-mails we receive from all over the world and the friendships that have been developed over the past few years have been wonderful. 

We hope that you enjoy Equine Extra and that you visit frequently.

Your hosts,
Jerry & Pam

Equine Extra

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